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Designer Series Racks

When you require nothing less than perfection for your custom hardware applications, our Designer Series racks are the ideal items to start with. Available in 141 different sizes that accommodate depths of up to 30" and heights of up to 48U, these racks are equally ideal for breathing fresh life into an old server room or building a completely new computing space.

What makes these the best server racks on the market? Unlike most alternatives you'll encounter, Designer Series Kits come in both fully assembled and flat-packed varieties that let you reconcile your need for hardware housing with your project budget. Assembly is easy, so you can usually get things moving along in no time, but if you'd rather not put your aluminum server racks together on your own, our assembled Designer Series data racks are available for no extra product charge. They are also available for immediate shipment by economical parcel shipping service. Start shopping now by picking a listing below .

Designer Series Rack Kits - 141 Sizes
2U x 20" deep

2U x 24" deep 2U x 30" deep
3U x 20" deep

3U x 24" deep 3U x 30" deep
4U x 20" deep

4U x 24" deep 4U x 30" deep
5U x 20" deep
5U x 24" deep
5U x 30" deep
6U x 20" deep
6U x 24" deep 6U x 30" deep
7U x 20" deep
7U x 24" deep 7U x 30" deep
8U x 20" deep
8U x 24" deep 8U x 30" deep
9U x 20" deep
9U x 24" deep 9U x 30" deep
10U x 20" deep
10 x 24" deep 10U x 30" deep
11U x 20" deep 11U x 24" deep 11U x 30" deep
12U x 20" deep 12U x 24" deep 12U x 30" deep
13U x 20" deep 13U x 24" deep 13U x 30" deep
14U x 20" deep 14U x 24" deep 14U x 30" deep
15U x 20" deep 15U x 24" deep 15U x 30" deep
16U x 20" deep 16U x 24" deep 16U x 30" deep
17U x 20" deep 17U x 24" deep 17U x 30" deep
18U x 20" deep 18U x 24" deep 18U x 30" deep
19U x 20" deep 19U x 24" deep 19U x 30" deep
20U x 20" deep 20U x 24" deep 20U x 30" deep
21U x 20" deep 21U x 24" deep 21U x 30" deep
22U x 20" deep 22U x 24" deep 22U x 30" deep
23U x 20" deep 23U x 24" deep 23U x 30" deep
24U x 20" deep 24U x 24" deep 24U x 30" deep
25U x 20" deep 25U x 24" deep 25U x 30" deep
26U x 20" deep 26U x 24" deep 26U x 30" deep
27U x 20" deep 27U x 24" deep 27U x 30" deep
28U x 20" deep 28U x 24" deep 28U x 30" deep
29U x 20" deep 29U x 24" deep 29U x 30" deep
30U x 20" deep 30U x 24" deep 30U x 30" deep
31U x 20" deep 31U x 24" deep 31U x 30" deep
32U x 20" deep 32U x 24" deep 32U x 30" deep
33U x 20" deep 33U x 24" deep 33U x 30" deep
34U x 20" deep 34U x 24" deep 34U x 30" deep
35U x 20" deep 35U x 24" deep 35U x 30" deep
36U x 20" deep 36U x 24" deep 36U x 30" deep
37U x 20" deep 37U x 24" deep 37U x 30" deep
38U x 20" deep 38U x 24" deep 38U x 30" deep
39U x 20" deep 39U x 24" deep 39U x 30" deep
40U x 20" deep 40U x 24" deep 40U x 30" deep
41U x 20" deep 41U x 24" deep 41U x 30" deep
42U x 20" deep 42U x 24" deep 42U x 30" deep
43U x 20" deep 43U x 24" deep 43U x 30" deep
44U x 20" deep 44U x 24" deep 44U x 30" deep
45U x 20" deep 45U x 24" deep 45U x 30" deep
46U x 20" deep 46U x 24" deep 46U x 30" deep
47U x 20" deep 47U x 24" deep 47U x 30" deep
48U x 20" deep 48U x 24" deep 48U x 30" deep

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