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Inset Mounted , Recessed Caster

Case Hardware

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Product I.D.: 7CASRECMETAL (sold & priced individually)
Wheel Size:  3" diameter, 1-1/4" width
Product Weight Capacity: 75 pounds per pair
Product Weight: 1 pound each
Product Material: Cast alloy, flat  black finish, hard rubber wheel

Inset Mounted , Recessed Caster (sold individually)

Our inset mounted recessed caster assembly incorporates a high strength cast steel alloy housing that screws or rivets  into area between corners of case you intend rolling.  This part is often used in conjunction with our product I.D. 4HARHANPULLCH retractable tow handle as well as our 4HARUBFT791CH  heavy-duty rubber feet for leveling purposes.  Weight capacity per pair of our corner mount, recessed casters is recommended not to exceed 75 pounds.

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