Rack Component Support System
A Star Case Exclusive Product

Rack Component Support System

Rack Component Support System includes a pair of Curl Brackets, RFCB - a pair of 7 Inch Link Strips, RFCBLK07 or a pair 19 Inch Link Strips, RFCBLK19. The Rack Component Support System is adaptable to virtually any rack, shipping rack case, rack mount enclosure, cabinet or architectural installation having both front and rear rack rails where rear support is necessary.

The various photos below illustrate the rack component support systems' versatility. Observe the configurations available using our exclusive curl brackets and link strip combination for rear rack curl bracket support with all popular rack depths, widths and heights.

When used in conjunction with our Patented Steel and Aluminum Racks your electronic E.I.A. rack mount components, drawers, etc. can be suspended vertically from either above and/or between components, and also elevated support from beneath or the most familiar horizontal support configuration to the rear rack rail.

Rack Component Support System