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Quick Ship Multi-Application Utility Cases
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Click on Image to Make Your Selection

We offer numerous sizes and descriptions of quick ship multi-application foam lined utility cases that serve as comptuer cases, printer cases, trade show exhibit cases & just about any protective applications you might have.We have a great selection of aluminum and resin clad cases as well as molded polypropylene cases. Each has its own ideal applications as a handgun case, a rifle case, a sales sample case, a briefcase - you name it.

Multiple Laptop &
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Click on Image to Make Your Selection

Click on Image to Make Your Selection
Multiple laptops, notebooks, iPads, Chromebooks,surface tablets - we offer just about every combination of multiple devices you can imagine. And, our case cart towing option is always available for ease of transport. Our shipping cases for Apple Mac products, available for immediate shipment, are precision designed to protect the Mac Pro, all iMac models and all Cinema and Thunderbolt displays. Additional accessory space is provided.

Whether you frequent trade shows and events with your most fragile equipment; perform medical, field or military work that requires delicate instruments; or are simply in need of a heavy-duty day to day carrying case, our utility cases are some of the strongest and most versatile you can find. This hard case with foam lining makes for an ATA-compliant shipping case for traveling even the longest distances; yet the utility case with wheels is light and convenient enough for your daily routine.

Our economical selection of multi-application utility cases insures a practical and protective fit for your fragile equipment. Most of these trade show shipping cases have a minimum of 1-inch-thick soft polyester foam lining and are equipped with our heavy-duty case cart towing option. Looking to cushion your equipment perfectly, no matter the shape? Optional custom interior variations are encouraged by adding foam blocking, partitioning, and more. Just let us know exactly what works best for you and we will supply it!

All StarCase shipping cases are built in strict conformance to the ATA (Airline Transit Association) specifications for shipping strength. Our Quick Ship stock cases have a stout aluminum skeletal structure, hinged lids, multiple recessed twist latches (one is padlockable) and spring-loaded, rubber-gripped handles. So order today and rest easy knowing your most fragile equipment can make it anywhere in one piece!

Case color: black

Custom – 6 color choices

Applications for the utility case include:

  • Tradeshow and field training events
  • Medical devices
  • Precision equipment
  • Sales samples
  • Naval/Military applications
  • Any application calling for high-strength, light-weight, & long-term use!