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Star Case Professional Series
Steel Server Rack
(10-32 threaded holes)

Economical Server Racks

** Contents of every Pro Series Rack Kit -Master Pack A contains width rails, cast corner connectors, fasteners, easy to follow instructions, leveling feet, & assembly tool. Pkg. B - Depth Rails & Pkg. C - Height Rails. Available in Steel or Aluminum in heights ranging from 1U (rack unit) to 46U and standard depths ranging from 13" - 30".
Custom depths also available-click here.
For custom Professional Series Rack components - click here

Rack Kit Model Size & Details
Rack Kit
Size & Details Rack Kit Model Size & Details Rack Kit Model Size & Details


1U high x 13" deep
1U high x 20" deep
1U high x 25" deep
1U high x 30" deep


2U high x 13" deep RF0220
2U high x 20" deep RF0225
2U high x 25" deep RF0230
2U high x 30" deep


3U high x 13" deep RF0320
3U high x 20" deep RF0325
3U high x 25" deep RF0330
3U high x 30" deep


4U high x 13" deep RF0420
4U high x 20" deep RF0425
4U high x 25" deep RF0430
4U high x 30" deep


5U high x 13" deep RF0520
5U high x 20" deep RF0525
5U high x 25" deep RF0530
5U high x 30" deep


6U high x 13" deep RF0620
6U high x 20" deep RF0625
6U high x 25" deep RF0630
6U high x 30" deep


7U high x 13" deep RF0720
7U high x 20" deep RF0725
7U high x 25" deep RF0730
7U high x 30" deep


8U high x 13" deep RF0820
8U high x 20" deep RF0825
8U high x 25" deep RF0830
8U high x 30" deep


9U high x 13" deep RF0920
9U high x 20" deep RF0925
9U high x 25" deep RF0930
9U high x 30" deep


10U high x 13" deep RF1020
10U high x 20" deep RF1025
10U high x 25" deep RF1030
10U high x 30" deep


11U high x 13" deep RF1120
11U high x 20" deep RF1125
11U high x 25" deep RF1130
11U high x 30" deep


12U high x 13" deep RF1220
12U high x 20" deep RF1225
12U high x 25" deep RF1230
12U high x 30" deep


13U high x 13" deep RF1320
13U high x 20" deep RF1325
13U high x 25" deep RF1330
13U high x 30" deep


14U high x 13" deep RF1420
14U high x 20" deep RF1425
14U high x 25" deep RF1430
14U high x 30" deep


15U high x 13" deep RF1520
15U high x 20" deep RF1525
15U high x 25" deep RF1530
15U high x 30" deep


16U high x 13" deep RF1620
16U high x 20" deep RF1625
16U high x 25" deep RF1630
16U high x 30" deep


17U high x 13" deep RF1720
17U high x 20" deep RF1725
17U high x 25" deep RF1730
17U high x 30" deep


18U high x 13" deep RF1820
18U high x 20" deep RF1825
18U high x 25" deep RF1830
18U high x 30" deep


19U high x 13" deep RF1920
19U high x 20" deep RF1925
19U high x 25" deep RF1930
19U high x 30" deep


20U high x 13" deep RF2020
20U high x 20" deep RF2025
20U high x 25" deep RF2030
20U high x 30" deep


21U high x 13" deep RF2120
21U high x 20" deep RF2125
21U high x 25" deep RF2130
21U high x 30" deep


22U high x 13" deep RF2220
22U high x 20" deep RF2225
22U high x 25" deep RF2230
22U high x 30" deep


23U high x 13" deep RF2320
23U high x 20" deep RF2325
23U high x 25" deep RF2330
23U high x 30" deep


24U high x 13" deep RF2420
24U high x 20" deep RF2425
24U high x 25" deep RF2430
24U high x 30" deep


25U high x 13" deep RF2520
25U high x 20" deep RF2525
25U high x 25" deep RF2530
25U high x 30" deep


26U high x 13" deep RF2620
26U high x 20" deep RF2625
26U high x 25" deep RF2630
26U high x 30" deep


27U high x 13" deep RF2720
27U high x 20" deep RF2725
27U high x 25" deep RF2730
27U high x 30" deep


28U high x 13" deep RF2820
28U high x 20" deep RF2825
28U high x 25" deep RF2830
28U high x 30" deep


29U high x 13" deep RF2920
29U high x 20" deep RF2925
29U high x 25" deep RF2930
29U high x 30" deep


30U high x 13" deep RF3020
30U high x 20" deep RF3025
30U high x 25" deep RF3030
30U high x 30" deep


31U high x 13" deep RF3120
31U high x 20" deep RF3125
31U high x 25" deep RF3130
31U high x 30" deep


32U high x 13" deep RF3220
32U high x 20" deep RF3225
32U high x 25" deep RF3230
32U high x 30" deep


33U high x 13" deep RF3320
33U high x 20" deep RF3325
33U high x 25" deep RF3330
33U high x 30" deep


34U high x 13" deep RF3420
34U high x 20" deep RF3425
34U high x 25" deep RF3430
35U high x 30" deep


35U high x 13" deep RF3520
35U high x 20" deep RF03525
35U high x 25" deep RF3530
35U high x 30" deep


36U high x 13" deep RF3620
36U high x 20" deep RF3625
36U high x 25" deep RF3630
36U high x 30" deep


37U high x 13" deep RF3720
37U high x 20" deep 7 RF3725
37U high x 25" deep RF3730
37U high x 30" deep


38U high x 13" deep RF3820
38U high x 20" deep RF3825
38U high x 25" deep RF3830
38U high x 30" deep


39U high x 13" deep RF3920
39U high x 20" deep RF3925
39U high x 25" deep RF3930
39U high x 30" deep


40U high x 13" deep RF4020
40U high x 20" deep RF4025
40U high x 25" deep RF4030
40U high x 30" deep


41U high x 13" deep RF4120
41U high x 20" deep RF4125
41U high x 25" deep RF4130
41U high x 30" deep


42U high x 13" deep RF4220
42U high x 20" deep RF4225
42U high x 25" deep RF4230
42U high x 30" deep


43U high x 13" deep RF4320
43U high x 20" deep RF4325
43U high x 25" deep RF4330
43U high x 30" deep

Every Star Case professional series server rack kit ships knocked-down in only 3 small cartons. Three precisely engineered steel or aluminum rack kit sections when connected together form the Wiggle-Free equivalent strength and integrity of a fully assembled welded rack enclosure. The Patented Connecting Corner accepts 3 sets of specially designed rails. Each set consists of four open-frame rack rails with all four rails are equal in length. By inserting various sized rack kit combinations of these rail sets into the eight Connecting Corners, it is possible to create any size frame from 6” up to 7 feet in any direction. Choose any width, depth, & height of rack rail in any of (46) 1-3/4” increments. (97,336 possible combinations!) Inscribed every 1-3/4” are etched marks, separating industry standard hole-spacing, to help facilitate accurate alignment of components. If you need a larger or smaller size rack frame later, it’s simple and inexpensive to expand or reduce the size of your existing rack kit. Easy to assemble in minutes with a Phillips head screwdriver (provided).